Dressage Lessons & Training

We are a full-service facility offering all levels of dressage lessons and training.
Novice Riders:
Childrens or Adults
Whether you are a parent looking to introduce your child to the world of riding, an adult who is just starting or someone who has ridden all your life and is interested in learning the precision of dressage, I look forward to working with you.

Teaching children to ride is rewarding for both student and teacher. Riding is an excellent tool to build confidence and poise as well as teach balance, communication skills and responsibility.

Introducing novice riders to the joys of communicating with a horse is alway a pleasure. There is nothing more rewarding than learning how to transform your riding from mechanical correctness into an art form. Together we will retrain old habits while, at the same time, build a strong base that will allow you to progress to the finer points quickly and efficiently. I am straightforward with my advice and direct with my requests. The principles that I share with you will establish the framework for success and continued development.

My goals for you are:

  • You will learn to develop a balanced relationship with your horse that meets your needs while keeping him happy and content.
    You will learn to control your emotions and consequently those of your horse.
    You will develop patience and discipline
    You will learn strategies and skills that will help both you and your horse to develop increased focus and poise in performance.Advanced Riders:
    Rita Mason and Athena
    Whether you are a rider looking for a strong guiding hand to help you define the steps needed to reach your goals or simply in need of occasional direction and suggestions, I will be there for you and your horse.

An open dialogue between student and trainer is vital. I don’t believe my role as a trainer is to dictate direction to you but instead, to provide you with the steps necessary for you and your horse to reach your goals as a mentally happy and physically fit team. I will always ask you to reach for the next piece of information that will push you to the next level.

It is important to me that you not only understand the mechanics behind a movement but its cause and effect.Anyone can be mechanically correct but to achieve brilliance requires dedication and an innate desire to understand WHY something works as opposed to THAT it works.

My goals for you are:

You will learn to break down new movements into their elemental parts to achieve a complete understanding of each movement thereby allowing you to create the same results on any horse.
You will develop a realistic strategy that will lead you and your horse to success.
You will learn to develop positive results through positive thinking.
You will be encouraged to believe in yourself and your horse and find joy in even the smallest accomplishment.