About Us

The Sports Complex offers personalised care and thorough management for you and your horse. Both paddocks and stall space are available but limited. Please call to schedule a tour.

Dressage established the Sports Complex in 1998 and has been at this location since 2008. We operate a full service boarding/training/teaching Dressage facility. We manage 40 head of horses, in addition to a full schedule of teaching, training, and showing. She is trained in the classical Dressage tradition through FEI combined with the training and knowledge of modern Bio-mechanics. With experience in management of riding and breeding stock, and more than 15 years experience on a top breeding and show farm. This combination of experience gives her the daily hands-on knowledge of horses and horsemanship that keeps the horses and riders under tutelage advancing through the ranks, sound and content.

Our Philosophy

Each horse/rider team has unique challenges, but the good news is there is always a solution. With 30 years experience training horses and developing riders my greatest skill is my ability to identify a problem and offer solid, lasting solutions without the use of gimmicks or the latest in training fads.

Horses have not changed in over 3000 years. The classic training methods that were effective through history for riders and down through the times to  and onto modern trainers and teachers still apply today. The combination of a strong understanding of theory and its practical application is the key to a strong foundation for both horse and rider.

Every brilliant movement in dressage is based on the strength of the elementary movements that preceeded it.