Horse race training with the electric master and matched betting for profits

Our fabulous training horse will give you a safe and secure environment to practice riding without the fear and dangers of riding a real horse. Need to conquer your fears or just get used to what it is to be like on horse back? Then come and give our training horse a go. It simulates every movement and feeling of a real horse and gives users the confidence to get onto horseback.

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In other news we are looking at adding a second training horse to our roster. We have always only had one as they are incredibly expensive to buy. Each one is custom made to order, this isn’t something you can buy off the shelf! Then the maintenance and upkeep is quite demanding as well. However as Fred is always fully booked the demand is definitely there for a new one. So what we want to know from you is what would you prefer? A dressage training horse or a racing training horse? I’d say we more requests for racing so that is where I am leaning but I wanted to ask our loyal customers for their opinion before I bought one!

Let me know via email or when you see me next what you think we should go for. There is also a colour to think about!

We will also be running a competition to name the next horse so be on the lookout for that. I have a couple of great prizes already lined up for the lucky winner. Check back to the site in a couple of weeks for details.

Check out this incredible video of new race horse training equipment. Desinged by roller coaster engineers this is what the top race horse trainers are getting in at huge costs. Just goes to show how much money is in horse race owning these days!


Getting Started

The Riding Simulator offers students of horse riding a way to practice posture and position, as well as, develop a balanced seat while in a controlled environment. Making the Riding Simulator the Perfect Schoolmaster.

” I highly recommend dressage lessons on Simon, the horse riding simulator. They are excellent at teaching the bio mechanics of riding. So, with ESM as a trainer and as a steady mount, I have really focused on building the muscle memory necessary for proper rider position. I’ve also found my lessons on ‘Simon’ to be surprisingly effective at helping me to understand elusive concepts like “riding with the motion”, “connection” and “feel”. For me, it is the perfect complement to riding lessons! ”

How Beginning Riders use the Riding Simulator:
While using the Horse Riding Simulator, the student will develop the ability to focus on a balanced riding seat, without any of the normal anxiety associated with learning to ride a horse. The Riding Simulator teaches the rider how to develop the coordination that allows them to control their own body in addition to being able to direct their own horse. Developing a balanced riding seat on the mechanical horse simulator is the safest way to learn ride horses.

“Only minutes into the horse riding simulator lesson, it was evident that one of the greatest benefits of riding the Riding Simulator was having an instructor in touchable proximity. At any moment, they could reach out and make a correction in my position or direct me to a form flaw that I could then check and correct with use of the mirrors. All this is done without having to worry about interfering with the horse.”

For Intermediate Riders, the Riding Simulator offers:
The Horse Riding Simulator gives intermediate level riders the opportunity to work on the small errors of
position that creep into our riding over time. Small errors that lead to resistance and imbalance in their horse, can be corrected by developing a balanced seat on ‘Simon’, the Perfect Schoolmaster.
“Never have I mastered the sitting trot. After years of effort I had resigned myself to the fact that in order to really ‘get’ the sitting trot I needed to commit to months on a lunge line, but that was before I rode the Riding Simulator!” Barbara, Florida

Advanced Riders can use the Riding Simulator as well:
The Riding Simulator allows the more advanced rider to return to the basic practice of creating the elegant, calm, balanced seat and quiet position that is rooted in function as well as aesthetics.

“After all the breakthroughs I experienced, it is without wonder the benefits to be gained by incorporating horse riding simulator training into an aggressive riding program.”

“A beautiful position is a beautiful position because it WORKS.”

The Riding Simulator gives us an important tool to take advantage of this basic maxim.